The Fitness Wearable Matter

Will It Transform How Much and How Often We Move?

Hi all and welcome to this week’s blog post from SYO! Today we’ll be talking about wearable technology!

Recent research indicates that these wearables, like Fitbit and other trackers, can help improve our activity levels, but there are still some major hurdles. For instance, when it comes to most of these devices, there’s a lack of standardization which may create various gaps in research involving this technology.

There also appear to be various barriers in the healthcare field, particularly when exercise is prescribed as a complementary treatment or remedy. However, researchers tend to agree that improvements can be made to harness this technology better. In fact, individuals are already doing a pretty good job of doing exactly this! With fitness trackers, most of us are well aware of how much we move each day or where we can improve in this regard. And as many of us know, awareness is the first step toward making actionable change! So, are you aware of how much you move each day? It might be time to invest in a fitness tracker.


Team SYO