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World Radiography Day

Posted by Danny Williams  | 08 Nov 2019

World Radiography Day is celebrated on 8 November each year. The date marks the anniversary of the discovery of x-radiation by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895.


Radiographers worldwide can use the day and the days around the date to promote radiography as a career, as a vital contribution to modern healthcare and as a chance to increase public awareness of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy.


Imaging can be extremely useful to help diagnose the tissue causing symptoms in musculoskeletal dysfunction but is not always the answer to our pain. Pain can appear in many different sensations, referrals, and patterns, and are not always linked to positive findings in radiographic images.


While we are grateful and blessed to have the ability to scan just about everything in our body this day and age, the results often don’t paint the full picture to our pain.


As osteopaths we look in detail to the origin of the pain, possible causes, nature of the pain, aggravating and relieving factors, and of course referrals of your pain presentation to help determine the best course of action for treatment. While we are predominantly table-based physicians, what you do around your consultation can be just as important.


Our holistic approach give attention to all possible contributing factors to your pain including treating any other affected areas or systems in your body, physical rehabilitation programs, breathing techniques, and nutritional advise.


If you are having any pain – consult an osteopath!


Have a great weekend.


Team SYO

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