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Mother's Day

Posted by Danny Williams  | 14 May 2019
Shout out to all our Mums! 
Mother's Day is just around the corner, so we would like to take a moment to appreciate them and all that they do. From doing your washing, cooking delicious Sunday dinners & being constant shoulders to cry on.  After all, who else would still fuss about you long after you've grown up and left home! You only have one mum but there are a million ways to show our love and appreciation. 
I've always considered my mum to be a super-hero. After all, taking me to the local RSPCA every single day after school, because she knew how much I loved caring for animals & wanted to be a VET growing up. That soon got replaced by my love for gymnastics and my dream of going to the olympics, so, instead she would drive me to training 1 hour away from school in peak hour traffic, watch me train for 4 hours and have a home cooked meal ready for me to eat in the car on the way home (only to repeat this five times a week, every week!). The best part, I didn't become either of those two things and she doesn't love me any less. I think that's my definition of Wonder Woman right there! 
Whatever unique, loving, super talent your mother has, whatever super hero she has been to you, make sure you take the time to show your appreciation for always being Mum!
If you are still looking for that perfect gift idea, then don't hesitate to contact the team at SYO for Mother's Day Gift Vouchers. After all, who doesn't like seeing their local osteo?! 
From me to my mum & from the team at SYO to you, we would like to wish every Mother, Grandmother, Step-mother, Dad's who have had to play both roles, guardians, sisters and Aunts a very Happy Mother's Day!

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