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It’s Christmas. Routines change.

Posted by Danny Williams  | 21 Dec 2018

We constantly live our life by routine but also love to have time off and personal space. We don’t have to wake up every morning at 6 am to go to the gym, then to work then home, dinner and then bed but as Xmas approaches, the time for ourselves diminishes, as family and friends start to come to into our lives. This means great food, great drinks, with the cost of bad hangovers and large bellies. We wished we had time to walk it off. We wish we had our routine back.

How do we get through it? Remember the average time it takes to make a habit is 66 days. Don’t let a few days break you.

I would try and think about scheduling your exercise in every day, even if it is just a 30-minute walk. Sitting is the new smoking, so make sure you do some exercise. Put it in your diary, set an alarm and just get up and do it. You will definitely feel better for it, with or without a hangover. Don’t forget to drink water!

Keeping your habits going through the holidays, you won’t feel as bad as knowing you have to get back to it afterwards. Don’t break your habits and keep in good health. This should continue through the holidays knowing your body will keep up with the festive season and not be in agony when you get back to routine in 2019.

Have a great Xmas.

If you can't think. Feel.


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