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International Jazz Festival

Posted by Danny Williams  | 04 Jun 2019

In lieu of international Jazz Festival, I thought I would share a form of dance therapy called '5Rhythms' for people who want to express themselves but find it difficult through words.  Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms is an international dynamic movement practice.

Individuals interpret each rhythm in a uniquely personal way, opening them to a new sense of freedom a possibility that is both surprising and healing, exhilarating as well as deeply restorative.   It is, in essence, “exercise for the right brain.”

When we practice 5Rhythms, we learn to creatively express aggressiveness and vulnerability, emotions an anxieties, edges and ecstasies.  It reconnects us to cycles of birth & death and hooks us into humanity and the spirit of all living things.  Within the group context we create connection and community and hone our instincts and our intuitions.  We are made up of all walks of life – every culture, religion, race, gender, age and sexual preference are welcome.

5Rhythms transcends dance.  The movement is the medicine, the meditation and the metaphor.  Together they peel back layers, lay masks down, and dance till they disappear.  Only to rediscover ourselves through it all.

5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice – a practice of being in your body – that ignites creativity connection, and community.

Happy Dancing

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