Posted by Danny Williams  | 24 Oct 2019

BLOG – Fitness


Tomorrow is the Australian Fitness Expo 2019 in Melbourne where you can discover the latest and greatest in the fitness world. Everything from nutrition and supplements, to live CrossFit and Powerlifting competitions, and even live Body Building competitions to spectate. (


While some people find it fun to push their bodies to the absolute extreme, others just find it fun to watch. I for one, am of the latter!


If you are looking for a reason to get back into movement, eating cleaner, or need a bit of a kick start and motivation, this weekend might be the right time for you.


In the fitness world, there are 10 key fitness components to measure (1):

  1. Power
  2. Speed
  3. Agility
  4. Balance
  5. Motor skill
  6. Body composition
  7. Cardiovascular health
  8. Muscular strength
  9. Muscular endurance
  10. Flexibility


Depending on which type of fitness you are into, will target different components of fitness. Specialised sports will often target a few main components, with less focus on others. It takes skill, practice and time to master any one component, let alone several. So commendation goes out to all those that specialise.


In osteopathy, we promote holistic and a balanced wellbeing. I personally strive to train/practice as many of the above components as possible to optimise my body’s balance and homeostasis. Homeostasis is the body’s ability to regulate a dynamic equilibrium within its cells, cellular processes, hormones, and overall system regulation. Exercise, and choice of exercise plays a vital role in upregulating this ability.


So if you’re looking to sleep better, manage cravings, and increase energy and overall function, use this as the kick you need to get moving again!








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