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Fancy Dresses, Sore Feet!

Posted by Danny Williams  | 11 Nov 2019
***Smart suits, pretty dresses, beautiful fascinators & 2 very sore feet!***

The Melbourne Spring Carnival is almost coming to a closure with it’s final days approaching. 

Along with it, poor Melbourne has hit it’s coldest days for November in years!  So many beautiful dresses, fascinators & for most ladies, hours on end in very high heels. This mixed with the festive season soon approaching us, we thought it would be appropriate to bring attention to our feet


What is happening when we we wear high heels?


When our feet are in high-heeled shoes, our feet are placed in a plantar-flexed position. This causes a bone in our foot (called our talus) to be pushed forward and over time can cause inability for the foot and ankle to function appropriately. There is increased pressure placed in our toes, and particularly more so with closed-toe shoes, where our toes commonly become squashed. Although there is a big genetic component, hallux valgus, or also known as bunions are commonly aggravated by certain footwear, as it causes the  big toe to pushed inwards toward the rest of the toes  & in an unnatural position. The bone responds to the increased pressure and a bony lump can develop, causing a bunion. Hammer toe is also another condition that can occur in the the 2nd, 3rd or 4th toe of the foot, where it causes the toe to be bent down in a claw-like position. 


This sounds terrible and I haven’t even started with what occurs at the rest of the body! There may  also be a lot of compensatory patterns occurring in the knee as they are placed in a hyperextended position when wearing heels & consequently, this can cause rotational issues in our hips and pelvis & therefore result in lower back pain. 



What can your Osteopath do for you?

Your local osteopath can provide a lot of mobility to an area that is often neglected; the foot, but in particular the mid-foot. By providing movement to this area in ways that you are unable to do so yourself can alleviate immense amount of pressure. Additionally, we will also look at how your feet are working together with the rest of your body, ie your knees, hips, pelvis & spine. Once a diagnosis is performed, exercises may also be prescribed to address the compensatory patterns and prevent further injury. To find out exactly how we can help, please follow the links on our website to make an appointment with one of our osteopaths. 


What can you do?

The best thing that you can do is to change your footwear. Of course there are going to be moments where wearing flats is not an option, however changing the type of heels you wear can also make a significant difference. If you are required to wear them to work everyday then we suggest having a few different pairs, so that your body doesn’t develop bad habits. A brand that we highly recommend is Bared footwear. These shoes were designed by a podiatrist and provide amazing comfort and also have the added bonus of being stylish too. Have a chat to us at your next consultation and we can provide $20 off your next purchase. 


Additionally, there are many other things that can be purchased to use as a preventative such as cushioned heels, toe-spaces (to prevent bunions) and soft insoles, however we advise talking to a health professional first. 


Yours in good health, 



(Osteopath at SYO)

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