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Exercise Right Week

Posted by Danny Williams  | 24 May 2019

Ladies and gentlemen,


This week is exercise right week!


There is a difference between physical activity and exercise. Physical activity can be as simple as choosing to walk instead of drive, parking further away from your destination to increase your step count, or even doing a few squats at your desk at work! Although exercise is a little different…


Exercise can get your heart rate up

Exercise can be challenging

Exercise can test your range of motion

Exercise can build strength and stamina

Exercise can be used for rehabilitation

Exercise is good for chronic pain

Exercise is good for cardiac and muscle health

Exercise is good for mental heath


Whatever the reason you want to exercise – you should. Although always keep in mind it should be safe and with low risk. At SYO, we promote the right exercise for the right person. Every-body is different; therefore, the pains and strains will differ too. A body with a sore ankle should perhaps not go for a run, and a body with a painful shoulder should perhaps not do Olympic lifting.


Movement is key to living a long and healthy life. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the type of movements that are ideal for your body type, it’s age, it’s strain patterns and pain presentations. Understanding your body and mind is the first step to getting moving. My tip this week is to go with your guts. If there is no physical restriction holding you back from the thing you love most – then hop to it!


For those that have some restrictions or limitations, it’s best to understand them fully before commencing exercise. Maybe there is a modification or technique that will allow you to exercise the way that you would like (see a trainer or a coach), or maybe there is some pain that you’ve been meaning to check out (see your osteopath!).


Lastly, for those that have been doing the same thing for a while – mix it up! There more variety of movement you have in your life, the better the outcome. The body likes changes and craves challenges (even if the mind occasionally does not). We are made to adapt, so keep the body guessing.


There are so many different types of exercise you can do – so no excuses! Get moving!




Team at SYO


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