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Located just 4km southeast of the Melbourne CBD, South Yarra Osteopathy provides a centre of clinical excellence. South Yarra Osteopathy provides professional and experienced Osteopathic treatment and management for a wide range of conditions from chronic and acute pain, musculoskeletal and physical conditions.

South Yarra Osteopathy’s founder, British born Danny Williams is a leading Melbourne Osteopath with over 25 years experience. He leads a team of experienced Osteopaths, who not just treat the everyday problems but also have an interest in treating pregnant women, children, jaw pain, and improving workstation environments.

Our Osteopaths


Dr Danny Williams


Osteopath and British expat Danny Williams arrived in Australia in 2010, where he relocated and set up South Yarra Osteopathy. A highly sought after expert in his field Danny brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the sector. In the UK Danny was a lecturer and tutor at the British School of Osteopathy (BSO), spokesman for the British Osteopathic Association (BOA) and one of only two Consultant Osteopaths at London’s prestigious Portland Hospital treating pregnant women and children.

As an expert in his field Danny has lectured worldwide on Osteopathy. In the UK Danny developed a media presence and was on national television and radio programs.

Danny trained at the University college of Osteopathy (formally the BSO), the largest and oldest Osteopathic school in the UK.
After graduating in 1997, he taught Osteopathic Health Care at the BSO on a regular basis for 4 years, where he was the youngest Osteopathic lecturer in Europe. In 1998 he became an external examiner for the London School of Osteopathy, helping students to achieve BSc (Hons) qualification leading to Professional Registration. Since 1999 Danny has been a Lecturer at the European College of Osteopathy and the Brazilian School of Osteopathy and completed a Masters in Osteopathy in 2007.

In 2000, Danny built a successful business providing ‘In House’ Osteopathic Services to companies needing a corporate wellbeing approach. Following this, in 2006 Danny became spokesperson for the British Osteopathic Association. As a media personality in the UK Danny appeared in numerous newspapers and on UK national radio and television, where he advised on the human body and the benefits of Osteopathy.

Danny’s leadership and dedication to excellence, positions South Yarra Osteopathy as a trusted provider of Osteopathic care, offering patients the opportunity to benefit from his exceptional skills and extensive knowledge.

He also challenges himself by keeping up to date with the latest Osteopathic research, which he passes on to his associates and mentors his mentoring programme.


Dr Caity Ding


Caity is a dedicated Osteopath with a strong background in dance and a passion for helping others overcome their aches and pains. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Osteopathy from Victoria University, and her journey into this field was inspired by her own experiences with injuries growing up.

With a belief that ‘motion is lotion’, Caity incorporates her love for staying active into her treatments. She understands the importance of personalized care and uses a combination of hands-on treatment, exercise, and advice to help everyone achieve their health and wellbeing goals. 

Caity has a particular interest in treating spinal injuries, headaches, and TMJ (jaw) pain. She has also completed her certification in Myofascial Dry Needling and Cupping, constantly seeking to expand her skills and knowledge.

Whether you’re an elite athlete looking to return to your sport or someone simply wanting to walk pain-free, Caity is committed to helping you reach your goals. She looks forward to meeting you in the clinic and working together towards a healthier, pain-free life.


Dr Francesco Galati


Francesco is an accomplished osteopath hailing from the vibrant city of Milan, Italy. His journey into the world of Osteopathy began with a passion for health and wellness, which led him to pursue a double bachelor’s degree in health science and applied science (Osteopathy) at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Fluent in both English and Italian, Francesco’s multicultural background and linguistic skills allow him to connect with patients from diverse backgrounds. His ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages has been a valuable asset in his practice, enabling him to provide personalised care to a wide range of patients.

Francesco’s love for sports, particularly soccer and basketball, has been a driving force in his career. Having played basketball for over 20 years, he understands the physical demands and challenges that athletes face. This firsthand experience has fuelled his passion for sports injuries and rehabilitation, motivating him to specialise in this area of osteopathy.

Currently, Francesco serves as the osteopath for the Mooroolbark Football Club, where he plays a crucial role in assisting players with injuries and preparing them for game day. His dedication to the club and its athletes is evident in his commitment to providing comprehensive care and support.

In addition to sports injuries and rehabilitation, Francesco’s areas of interest include back pain and headaches. He is passionate about helping patients find relief from these common ailments and improving their overall quality of life.

Francesco is excited to bring his expertise and passion for osteopathy to South Yarra Osteopathy. He looks forward to welcoming new patients and helping them achieve their health and wellness goals. Whether you’re an athlete looking to recover from an injury or someone seeking relief from chronic pain, Francesco is here to provide compassionate care and personalised treatment.

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South Yarra Osteopathy is conveniently located in the heart of South Yarra, just 4KM south east of the Melbourne CBD: We are easily accessible to clients in Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and Albert Park, as well as from St Kilda, Elwood, Prahran and Toorak. Areas north of our clinic such as Richmond, Fitzroy, East Melbourne and across to Hawthorn and surrounds are also easily accessible.